Outdoor Learning Space

Vision statement:

This outdoor learning environment space is to be designed, created and maintained by our learning community (parents, students and teachers). During school hours the space can be used by staff and students for outdoor classroom experience. During recess and lunch hour students will use this space for play and exploration. Weekends, after school and non-instructional days this space is to be used by families and our school community.

Key Elements of an outdoor educational space:

1) Learning outdoor promotes mental and physical health

2) Bringing the curriculum outside provides opportunities for imaginative play (younger students) and creative thinking (older students) ex. Science outside

3) An outdoor learning space teaches students to care for the land and its resources at all times and all occasions

4) Outdoor education is a continual educational experience. It is not a one-day field trip, one week at camp or a once a year celebration, e.g. Earth Day.

Meeting Minutes – November 28, 2019