Who and What is the PAC?

Who and What is the PAC (Parent Advisory Committee)?

Each parent/guardian of a child attending Armstrong Elementary School
automatically becomes a PAC Member.

We encourage all parents/guardians to attend the PAC meetings; you will
not be assigned to any tasks without your willingness to do so. It’s a
great hour and half meeting, once a month, where the atmosphere is very
relaxed, we have some good laughs, and you get to know other PAC members
and staff, and our principal, Mr. DeVita.  At PAC meetings, we also
discuss and vote on matters related to spending the PAC funds provided
by the government (through our gaming grant) and raised through our
fundraising efforts.

The key to attending is that you, as a parent/guardian, will be kept
informed of what’s happening in your child’s school.


P.A.C. Executive and Committee Members for 2020/2021

PAC can be contacted at   ArmstrongSchoolPAC@gmail.com

P.A.C Chairs
Vice Chair
Jessica Narayan
Namsu Park
Secretary Allyson Yee
Co-Treasurers Salima Lakhpati/Kavita John
Fundraising Chair TBA